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Overcoming Fear 
Home Study Course

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This course teaches you how to quickly overcome your limiting fears by using the latest scientific discoveries pertaining to fear.

To overcome your limiting fears you'll need to acquire a complete understanding of the following:

  • What fear is
  • Where it comes from
  • Why you hold onto it
  • How to let it go

     Fear is not real! We may be regretful of the past, the present isn’t too scary, but the future is where fear lives. We can only be afraid of things to come. Since the future hasn’t arrived, the things we're afraid of aren’t even real!

     It is a fact that 84% of what we are afraid of never comes true; 14% of our fears we have control over and can change the outcome; only 4% of our fearful future is out of our control and yet most of these things never become reality either.
So, our “real” lives are controlled by things that usually don’t come true in the future. Why? The answer is simple, “That's the way we were programmed to think.”  

     We are only born with the fear of loud noises and possibly bright lights (the latter hasn't been proven). The rest of your fears were learned. The primary teachers were your family and close acquaintances. The next teachers of fear were your own experiences or imagination. Most fears are handed down generation-after-generation, sometimes for hundreds of years. Of course, since fear isn’t real, what is passed down is the acronym, F.E.A.R., “False Evidence About Reality.” Actually, you’ve inherited a distorted reality and wonder why it's so hard to get a grip on your real life. You're actually scared “wit-less.”

Fear distorts real life and makes it almost impossible to render logical decisions to life’s problems around money, relationships, health, spirituality, work, and many other areas. In other words, fear prevents you from creating a better life by keeping you stuck!

     Fear makes you lethargic, unmotivated, and depressed.

Fear prevents you from experiencing the “Good Life.” You can only reach success to the level of your fears. Have you ever noticed how you seem to be coming across a prosperous time in life and then…something happens that brings you back to where you started. What is the tether that seems to keep you bound at a certain level? It's your fear!

If you want more out of life, you'll need to learn how to overcome your self-limiting fears. Now is the time to do just that!

The Overcoming Fear Home Study Course is an amazing process that will teach you how to overcome the fears that are holding you back from greater prosperity in every area of your life.

     Here’s what you receive in the program:

  • A complete manual with the latest scientific research on the subject of fear and techniques to overcome the limiting restraints of fear.
  • Seven days of simple practical exercises that will make sure you overcome your fears.
  • Informational CD on the subject of fear and some of the ancient to modern day observations about fear.
  • Self Guided Hypnosis CD--Overcoming Fear. This is not regular hypnosis but is a triple track recording of hypnosis, subliminal messages, and alpha sounds--all going on at the same time. All three of these powerful thought altering techniques will enhance your Overcoming Fear expeience.

To introduce more people to experience this amazing breakthrough, we are offering the Overcoming Fear Home Study Course for $29.95 

After participating in this simple seven day program, you will become more empowered, happier, and successful because you will have overcome your fears! 

     Don’t let fear get in your way to making a decision around this life changing home study course. Now, there's nothing in your way to register for this awesome home study program and go to your next level of life.

Who Should Purchase This Program

Anyone looking for a move up to the “next level” of life.

People who are ready to experience more prosperity in life.

People who realize fear is holding them back from a better life.

You, if you want to learn the truth about fear and are committed to do something about it.

Who Should Not Purchase This Program

Couch potatoes, whiners, complainers and anyone else who thinks the world owes them a living and is generally miserable to be around.

Anyone who thinks we can wave a magic wand and make you fearless. Sorry, this is a program that requires you working at it for one-hour each day for the entire seven-days. Overcoming Fear comes with all the same requirements it takes to get over any handicap—fear is one of the biggest handicaps for everyone.

Anyone so void of grit, they’ll let their unhappy broke friends and relatives talk them out of purchasing a life changing program. Especially since the tuition is only $99.00. Frankly, if you’ll allow the dream stealers to get to you that easily, I doubt I can help you much. I’d suggest stop listening to sad, broke people because they are simply not qualified to help you to achieve more in life.

So, let’s “Do It Now!” Don’t let fear or procrastination get in your way of greater success and a happier life.

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If our lines are busy, please leave your name and number and we’ll give you our word, one of our people servers will get right back with you to register. You are going to love the Overcoming Fear Home Study Course and the amazing benefits for your life.

I look forward to sharing this information with you. 

 You can only succeed to the level of your greatest fear. This program will help you get over all of that! Whether you want better relationships, money, or anything else, you'll need to overcoming your limiting fears to achieve greater success.


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http://wikipedia.com is another great resource to learn more on the subject of fear.

Fear Dr. Duckett is one of the leading authorities in the world on the subject of fear. With his Overcoming Fear techniques and Fast Coach Training, Dr. Duckett has helped many people upgrade their lives to the next level.

Money The number one reason why people have problems with money is fear. When you use Overcoming Fear Home Study Course, you will discover what many professional Life Coaches experienced and that is a completely new life.

Relationships In the upgrading life courses and life coach trainings taught by Dr. Duckett, he shares that a person can only love to the degree the individual trusts him or herself. Fear prevents a person from experiencing trust, and in turn, love.

Success People can only rise to the level of their greatest fear. Overcoming fear home study course allows people to break the barriers in life and experience success like they never knew before.

Simple Everyone likes a simple approach to solving life's problems. Nothing is simpler than tackling fears with the overcoming fear home study course. In just seven days, a person is able to experience a completely new life.