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Dr. Michael J. Duckett is one of the leading Social Scientists in the world today. His insights into Breaking the Money Barriers, Upgrading Life, and Overcoming Fear have served thousands of people around the world to a new life. 

What would be possible if you couldn't fail in life? Well, Dr. Michael J. Duckett's books and programs are going to help guide you on a fast ride to great wisdom, power, and prosperity.

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Life Overcoming Fear Home Study Program is designed to help everyone play a bigger game of life. If a person is tired of playing small, Overcoming Fear Home Study Course is his or her answer.

Health When we're afraid, we are in a state of dis-ease, or lacking ease. Overcoming Fear is the only way a person can reach a state of clarity.

Power If a person lives life fully, that individual will naturally become powerful. Not powerful in the sense that people usually think. Overcoming Fear Home Study Course is a system that enables a person to become powerfully alive.