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The Mental Codes-Secret Powers of the Mind Book will teach you how your mind is wired and how to re-wire it according to what you desire in life. The Mental Codes and Bio Neuro Technique will give you an Owner's Manual for your mind.

Fear is one of the most powerful Mental Codes a person needs to address. Overcoming fear is only possible when a person is ready to address the subject head on.

The problem with overcoming fear is how it's scary to deal with it. Who would want to wrestle a dozen alligators? Of course, no one because it would be foolish and scary. Well, it's similar with Overcoming Fear. 

Overcoming a person's fears requires work and the subconscious mind equates work with discomfort. In turn, the subconscious mind talks people into avoiding the task of dealing with overcoming fear.

If you've reached the point in life of saying, "I've had enough, now I want more," you're ready for the Overcoming Fear Home Study course.

Your next step, after the Overcoming Fear Home Study Course, is discovering all of your limiting Mental Codes.

Dr. Duckett's discover of the Mental Codes reveals how a person is wired mentally and what they can do to change their thinking and habits easily.

Life Coaches are using this information while coaching others in breaking the barriers, increasing success, upgrading life, or to create a better version of their clients.

If you want better relationships, more money, or a better life, the Mental Codes information is going to totally blow your mind. It's simple, it's easy, and it's fun to reprogram your thinking to be alignment with the life you want to create.

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The Mental Codes book is published by Hyper Publishing Company